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Office Cleaning Services

Workplaces are the place where most of the time people spend, this makes our cleaning service a contribution of great value, given that it allows people to feel comfortable and safe; creating positive attitude towards their work and generating a pleasant environment for the company’s visitors and clientele.

Call us and let us make your space a safe place.


This is a service designed to guarantee that the cleaned surfaces are free of germs, fungi, bacteria or viruses that could put your loved ones, employees, acquaintances or work team at risk.

We use the highest quality tools and products so that the service of our experts can guarantee the best possible disinfection.


South Commercial Cleaning


It is a general disinfection which covers all the basic areas of the place,  where the routine and frequency of service is agreed with the client. For this process we use the higher quality products and tolls. For this process, we use the highest quality products and tools.


This service is designed under a completely environmentally friendly premise, whose objective is to carry out quality cleaning, but using biodegradable products, not harmful to humans and fundamentally non-polluting and manufactured under environmental safety standards.


It is a detailed cleaning and disinfection of the different areas of the places. This service was designed for them who want the highest disinfection and cleaning.

  1. Detailed cleaning and disinfection bathroom area
  2. Detailed cleaning and disinfection kitchen area
  3. Detailed cleaning and disinfection of bedrooms and closets
  4. Deep cleaning and disinfection in social areas (living room, dining room, library, television room
  5. Deep cleaning and disinfection laundry area
  6. Deep cleaning and disinfection of doors, light switches and lamps
  7. Deep cleaning and disinfection (internal and external) of cabinets in all areas of the home
  8. Deep cleaning and disinfection (internal and external) of household appliances
  9. Deep cleaning and disinfection of fan, blinds, and baseboards
  10. Cleaning and disinfecting windows and window frames
  11. Deep cleaning and disinfection of floors and carpet
  12. Disinfect all surfaces

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