Go Along With Nature

South Commercial Cleaning emerged as an initiative of Deisy Quintero, a person completely alien to the economic sector of cleaning, but who once begins to understand and learn a little more about American culture, realizes the intrinsic value that service is for people, in the broad sense of the word, not as an act of cleaning, but as the possibility of serving as a support, to a society with less time and with more support needs at home.

She identified in her first clients the value of the word, credibility and trust, as well as the no less important value of compliance in terms of contracts and commitments. It was also definitive to discover the high potential of people with an excellent attitude towards work and a vocation for service, which allowed us to count on a wonderful work team.

The company went from having 4 clients to 60 today, where the priority has been to ensure the quality of the service and guarantee our continuity over time. Currently there is an expansion vision that aims to expand the service areas as well as the number of clients per area. For which it is undergoing some adjustments and improvements in the administrative, technological and financial areas, which allow it to project itself towards a dynamic, creative and equitable future.

Our support group goes through a selection process, whose requirements guarantee human quality, and the values ​​of honesty and responsibility. From a technical point of view, the staff has the appropriate training to professionally assist our selective group of clients.


It leads us to a doctrine of thought that empowers time to make life and its moments an opportunity to be and to do and obtain happiness, comfort, taste and satisfaction. And it is exactly what our cleaning and disinfection services want to generate for our clients. Allow them with our team to enjoy home time, perceive the aroma, and the taste of a clean, healthy and safe environment.

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One Of Our Most Important Values Is Our Great Team

The support staff of South Commercial Cleaning is the most important asset, as it is, they who have direct contact with the client and who transmits the company’s philosophy with their attitude and service. Therefore, the selection and contracting process is one of the most relevant activities. The attitude and disposition towards work and emotional intelligence to maintain motivation and dedication to service are definitive aspects in decision making to be part of our work group.